Musical Shadows

Musical Shadows

Where: Dubai Creek Harbour

When: From June 25, 2019 (Permanent)

“The Pearl Divers” by Daily Tous Les Jours

As the sun influences the rhythm of people’s lives, this interactive pavement creates music with people’s shadows, inspired by our constantly changing relationship with the sun. Here, the narrative tells the story of a tradition carried by humans as they search for pearls. We become divers again, reaching out towards the pearls embedded in a sea of sensors. 

Musical Shadows: The Pearl Divers, was created by Daily tous les jours, an art and design studio that explores collaboration, the future of cities and the power of humans.

Shadows cast on different tiles trigger different instruments, voices, notes and melodies, all playing in harmony. The length of ones shadow is dependent on position and posture, but also the season, the time of day, and the weather conditions. The result is that a visitor may never quite cast the same shadow twice; it will vary in shape, length, direction, and intensity. The sounds themselves also change over the course of a day, creating and revealing different melodies in both the Bayati and Hijaz maqam (scale). These maqams are respectively said to evoke a sense of happiness/health/feminine love, and of the seclusion and mysticism of the desert. This lends a different mood to the site over the course of the day, inviting visitors to revisit and re-explore the dynamic and ever changing experience. 

About the artists:

Daily tous les jours (Daily) is an art and design studio that uses technology and storytelling to explore collaboration, the future of cities, and the power of humans. 
Daily is best known for its work in public spaces, where passing crowds are invited to play a critical role in the transformation of their environment and their relationships. Projects give way to a new breed of interactive urban experiences, like swings that make music akin to an orchestra, pavements that play shadow games, fields of microphones for impromptu giant sing alongs, and intelligent radio furniture that gives a voice to buildings and trees. 
Daily’s work has won numerous international recognitions including Best in Show at the IxDA Interaction Awards, the Grand Prize at the UNESCO Shenzhen Design Awards, a Knight Cities Challenge for Civic Innovation, a Fast Company Innovation by Design Award, and an Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award.

Melissa Mongiat (left) and Mouna Andraos (right) Photo credits: Martin Flamand

Melissa Mongiat (left) and Mouna Andraos (right)
Photo credits: Martin Flamand

Flower Tree

Flower Tree